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Hello, guys! My name is Karina and Im here for your entertainment. Dont get me wrong, I enjoy the time I spend here quite a lot. I see it more as a win-win situation. We both have fun and get something good out of our encounters. As if it wasnt obvious, Im a beautiful and confident woman. Some might say I got very high standars when it comes to the men I choose to be with, but in the end, Im a pretty cool gal. I believe sex is a very important aspect of a healthy relationship so I always try my best. For more details about me, contact me in free chat. Lets have a blast! TURN ON: Men that know exactly what they want and when they want it turn me on. I consider it as being a sign of great character. I dont like to waste time on non-sense. Another massive turn on is that I really love is when my partner brings me my first cup of coffee each morning. TURN OFF: Any guy who spends more time in front of the mirror than his own girlfriend is a huge turn off. But were not stopping there. If youre having dinner with your date, and the waiter accidently spills a bit of juice on your silk shirt, wipe it away like a man. Dont whine about how your silk shirt is ruined and behave like a drama queen. SEXUAL PREFERENCES: Guys that always take care of me and treat me like their most precious possesion are always the first in line in my case. And I make sure they wont be left unsatisfied. My favourite thing in bed is the penetration part. Hot, wild sex is what I hope for everytime I tease my man and invite him in bed. Or on the kitchen counter. Or on the balcony. You may never know when I get horny ;) BIGGEST FANTASY: Ever since I was at school and starting fantasising about that manly teacher that every girl wanted I havent stopped thinking about him bending me over the desk and slapping my ass, telling me Im a naughty little girl for not doing my homework. FETISH: Tattoos and beards drive me crazy. Its like having sex with a piece of art. Tattoos are edgy and taboo. I find the danger and adventurousness surrounding tats arousing, and ink is often associated with a bad boy. The beard represents masculinity at its finest. FREE CHAT: In free chat, I like to build up an atmosphere. I use my charisma and charms to bewitch you and make you want more. Every move I make is to bring you closer and closer. Im a talented lover and you can observe that even if Im not naked. PRIVATE: My lovely, luscious lips will give you wet dreams. My blowing skills will haunt you everytime you will look at me. Teach me new positions, give me challenges. I will show you what a real expert can do in bed.