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Goal 1998 tk Sexy fingering

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Becky moved in next door. She is a full-time nurse and has a little baby and no man in her life. She is chronically oversexed and underfucked. Click this link, go on her profile, click on the heart to follow her! She comes here to let go and orgasm hard. If you get her going, she will fulfill every of your wishes. Her big ass and big boobs make her stand out. Oh speaking of her enormous titties: they are bulging with milk, if you get her excited and aroused they start dripping. You can make her dripping wet in more ways than one. Being new Rebecca is not used to Lovense vibrations, buzz her and she will fall off her chair squeaking and screaming. Go to her page now and click on the heart to follow her profile: - - And then make this horny nurse cum and cum again until she begs to stop and she will eat out of your hand.
Whether it is my birthday or not (YES YOU MISSED IT!) you can always surprise me with a gift from my wish list. You can stay anonymous, I do not see your name if you don't wish so and obviously your payment details I will never see. Go here: or click on the top right corner of the pic on the links symbol!
About me
Hi! Nice to meet you and thank you for taking the time to read my profile. What I seek the most is having a real interaction with everyone that pays me a visit. It doesnt matter to me if you are Grey, Green or Gold. As long as you stay friendly, kind and nice, I am happy to chat with you. My knights act in the same manner. We all are here to share a nice time together, although we just will talk in the public chat and maybe some nudity but not intimate shows, for that we must go to private to get things hotter, althought you always can make change my mind by tipping real good. In real life I have a degree as a lawyer and soon I'm starting a Master in International Law. In my spare time I study Stocks Trading and Trading Psychology since I am daytrading for the fun, thrill (and profit) of it. My favorite thing in the world are great food and good wine (although I am always trying to cut the carbs, you can make me happy with great wine recommendations
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I always am curious to try out now toys. Now you have the opportunity to help me discover them and buy your way into my heart (or somewhere else) Please have a look at my wishlist at (a click on the picture will take you there) and consider sending me a kinky item for Valentine's. It's anonymous and secure for you and me. And I can't wait to try out your gift and thank you with special appreciation for your kindness and care..
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So thankful to my great friends who surprise me with high single tips. If you also want to paint the biggest smile on my face and get my face red with happiness and joy and here me scream like a little girl, look below and you know how to get it done ;) Highest King Ever Stegen543 35785 tk Highests Single Tip Mr Satuday 15000 tk Strongboned 11111 tk Favorite Tip 3333 Tk. Dreamtip 33.333 Tk. To Celebrate my 4 years camming tip. 333.333 Tk.
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RULES!!! Read, if you don't want to get slapped!
There are 2 rules to adhere to in my room. Rule Number 1: DON'T BE A DICK Rule Number 2: IF IN DOUBT, REREAD RULE NO. 1 It does not matter at all wether you are grey or green or gold, don't be offensive, insulting, demanding. If you talk to me, be kind, flirtatious and courteous. And yes, humor goes a very long way for me.
My Schedule
I try to maintain a rigid schedule so that you know when you can see me. I might be coming on a bit sooner and send out notices via social. So be sure to follow me on Twitter @Love_Ari456 and Instagram @ariadna4u. Tip 500 for my Snapchat account! Monday, Tuesday, Thursday from 5pm-10pm. NY time Saturday and Sunday from 2 pm-7pm. NY time Follow me on Stripchat by clicking the heart and follow me on Instagram and Twitter to get notified when I am going on!!
Wishlists & Gifts
To those of you who want to conquest a special place in my heart and want to make my day by sending me little presents and gifts, I have a tiny hint for you: I LOVE LINGERIE!!! ;) Below are links to my wishlists or gift cards section. Amazon Wishlist Agent Provocateur Wishlist Honey Birdette Gift Cards (please reach out to me, I will need to give you additional details in private. From the bottom of my heart, thank you so so much for even considering this. I promise you, your "investment" will be very well returned when I put on your lingerie in the show and think of you all the time..


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